does boric acid cause bv

Does Boric Acid Cure Bv? – Yes But Be Careful!

Boric acid has been used for over 100 years to help and in some cases cure Bacterial Vaginosis. It works really well because it’s an antiseptic and anti bacterial which means it will directly target the bacteria involved with BV rendering them useless. However, there are some people who say that taking boric acid could be dangerous and that you should just take antibiotics.

But believe me, antibiotics are not that great of a cure. Sure they might get rid of Bv for a bit but it always tends to come back a few months later. A natural way of treating this problem is going to be more beneficial and have less side effects!

Boric Acid Cures BV but you need to know the best way to implement it and how much is needed per day for maximum affect. Keep reading and you will find out…

What Is Boric Acid?

does boric acid cure bv

Boric acid is a naturally occurring compound of sassolite found in volcanic waters and hot springs but is also readily found in most fruits and plants. Its used in the following industries:

  • Industrial – one of the main uses is in the manufacturing of monofilament fiberglass used to reinforce plastics in applications that range from boats, to industrial piping to computer circuit boards.
  • Medical – Apart from helping to cure bacterial vaginosis it is also used to treat minor cuts and burns and is commonly found in emergency eye rinses.
  • Insecticidal – It was first registered as an insecticidal back in 1948 and has since been used to control: cockroaches, termites, ants and many other insects.

Who Discovered Its Use As A BV Cure

That remains a mystery, we tried searching for this information but could not find it anywhere, although if we’re being honest we gave up after 15 minutes. That’s not important anyway, all you need to know is there have been numerous studies carried out showing boric acid’s impressive abilities to combat bacterial vaginosis in the short term.

How Does It Work In Combating Bacterial Vaginosis

Firstly let’s talk about the research that has been carried out regarding this subject. In total there have been 14 studies carried out exclusively focusing on boric acid and bv. Two randomised clinical trials, nine case series, and four case reports. Boric acid was compared with nystatin, terconazole, flucytosine, itraconazole, clotrimazole, ketoconazole, fluconazole, buconazole, and miconazole.

It showed to be equally effective and in some cases superior to the more conventional medication. This tells us that boric acid is a safe, alternative, economic option for women with recurrent and chronic symptoms of vaginitis when conventional treatments fail.

Other than destroying bacteria it also helps to normalise the pH of the vagina. One of the main reasons bacterial vaginosis occurs is the Ph becomes to alkaline and this gives opportunity to pathogenic bacteria to invade and thrive. In some cases they can stick to the vaginal wall and create biofilms making it even harder to get rid of.

Boric acid also has anti-microbial and anti-fungal activity beyond its pH effects. That may contribute to its ability to fight yeast infections and trichomoniasis.

Most Effective Way To Take Boric Acid To Cure BV

does boric acid cure bv

After reading through forums and Facebook groups, we have realised that most women use boric acid suppositories. It Basically means inserting the capsules into the vagina rather than consuming them orally. This helps boric acid to act much faster.

The recommended dosage required for best results is 600mg. This was found out after a retrospective study showed clinical improvement in seven of nine patients following treatment with 600 mg intravaginal boric acid.

Here is the best way to insert your suppository:

  1. Wash your hands thoroughly before you take the capsule out of its package.
  2. Although you can insert the suppository at any angle, many women find it helpful to lie on their back with bent knees. You can also stand with your knees bent and your feet a few inches apart.
  3. Gently insert one suppository as far as it can comfortably go into your vagina.
  4. If applicable, remove the applicator and throw it away.
  5. Consider wearing a panty liner, as there may be discharge after you insert the suppository.
  6. Wash your hands before resuming your daily activities.

It Kills All Bacteria

The one thing you need to be mindful of is the fact boric acid does not discriminate between good and bad bacteria. It will wipe anything that comes into it’s path so make sure you are supplementing it with a good source of probiotics to keep the friendly bacteria in high numbers.

Make Your Own Capsules

There have been some awesome success stories about women who used medical grade boric acid powder and inserted them into shop brought capsules and after a day they noticed no more odour emulating from their vagina or any thick greyish discharge.

We have heard that some women feel some dryness after taking boric acid. If you feel a bit dry after using the boric acid suppositories try making frozen coconut oil (100% organic) suppositories capsules. Keep them refrigerated and insert them at night, or a few hours after you have inserted the boric acid. Coconut oil kills off yeast infections which is another added bonus 🙂

Possible Side Effect You Should Consider!

does boric acid cure bv

With any sort of treatment option you choose, there are some side effects you should be wary of, that’s not to say you will have these but there is a slight chance of it.

The more common side effects are:

  • watery vaginal discharge;
  • redness, mild burning; or
  • a gritty sensation in the vagina

However you shouldn’t use boric acid suppositories if:

  • you’re pregnant, as the ingredients are toxic to the developing fetus
  • you have a scrape or other open wound in the vagina

Having Sex While Boric Acid Is Inserted

Many women have experienced a slight stinging sensation after sexual intercourse which can be quite draining on a relationship. But if your partner is supportive then you should put sex on hold until you are fully cleared of bv. In saying this we have heard women who have inserted boric acid and then had sex with no issue to them or their partners.

Some women plan ahead and wait a full 24 hrs after it’s been inserted to have sex, while others tend to insert it after having sex. Its all about seeing what works for you and sticking with that.

It seems that the penis does not feel any sensitivity or adverse reaction when boric acid is around which is obviously a good thing.

What Is The Best Boric Acid suppository For BV

There are quite a number of boric acid supplements out there but it’s hard to know which one works best without trying them all. But reading on some Facebook help groups and forums, the most popular brand is the PHD femanine Health support suppository which is priced at $17.48 on Amazon.

does boric acid cure bv

Other than the reason mentioned above, we recommend this particular brand because it has over 2500 reviews and an average rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars. Its also currently the best-seller and is FDA approved so has been tested for safety.

Most of the reviews mentioned it worked but you need to give it time. We see so many women quit after a week because it had no affect. We recommend completing the whole 24 capsules before you make a judgement.

Here is a review from a happy customer:

“I started dating my current boyfriend in March, and being sexually active with him was the first time I started noticing (and he did as well) the significant smell of BV. I went to my doctor who prescribed me the antibiotic, which worked and then BV returned shortly after. I did a TON of research to find a way I could solve this issue without continuing to go to doctors and taking antibiotics. I was pretty damn desperate – recurring BV was severely affecting my self-esteem, my sex life and my relationship. I tried everything from tea tree oil, to apple cider vinegar, switched birth controls, probiotics, yogurt you name it. And then – I read about boric acid. Found this product and read the reviews. I can confirm that this product is the holy grail and finally fixed my recurring BV. Like, it’s magic. Even my boyfriend was impressed 😉 you WILL NOT regret it. So far it’s been a few weeks and I’m BV free. The only thing I’m wondering and unsure about is if I’ll have to take these for the rest of my life (just after sex) and if it’s safe to continue taking for the body (does it get in the blood stream? Could it affect fertility?) but for now – I’m an extremely satisfied customer.”

Final Thoughts

So Does Boric Acid Cure BV? Yes but it has it’s cons however it’s a better option than antibiotics especially if you tried many rounds already. Yes it wipes out the good and bad bacteria but antibiotics do as well. Make sure you are taking probiotic with it if you are using it. There is people who can keep symptoms at bay without using either and that is great although not everyone is that lucky using other methods.

Using antibiotics too much will cause antibiotic resistance and this is not good. You could for example end up getting a bronchial infection but you built resistance to so many antibiotics that they will stop working for you when you really need these medications.

If you use gels too much, you are building a resistance and then for sure BV will never clear up. I don’t understand why gynos prescribe these meds over and over… your very close to creating a super bug!

If you haven’t tried boric acid we recommend you give it a go and see how you react to it, hopefully it will have some positive affect 🙂

If you have tried it and found success or ran into some difficulties please share your experience by commenting below, it will definitely help other women who are struggling.