Can You Use BV Gel When Pregnant? Is It Safe To Use?

When a woman gets pregnant there are a lot of things that she must consider and there are things that she cannot do anymore as it can have a great impact on her baby which may interfere with the development inside the womb.

The question we are answering today is: Can You Use BV Gel When Pregnant?

In this article, we will reveal to you if you can use Bacterial Vaginosis Gel for treatment when pregnant.

Bacterial Vaginosis is caused by different types of bacteria and it is a common infection that can be treated by antibiotics. BV occurs when there is an imbalance in the number of bacteria in the vaginal ecosystem. When the good bacteria is overpowered by the bad bacteria or anaerobes, Bacterial Vaginosis can occur.

What gel treatment to use for Bacterial Vaginosis?

Zidoval – It is an antibiotic gel prescribed by doctors to treat bacterial vaginosis.

How does Zidoval work?

Zidoval is an antibiotic that contains metronidazole. This medicine is effective in treating infection by bacteria through interfering with their genetic material (DNA), therefore, killing them.

Metronidazole is an antibiotic that kills a wide variety of bad bacteria which are anaerobes. This type of bacteria does not need oxygen to be able to grow and reproduce. Bacterial Vaginosis is known to be caused by the proliferation of this type of bacteria in the vaginal ecosystem. When a woman uses this antibiotic, it will help with her symptoms and clear this infection.

Important facts about Zidoval:

1. It is for vaginal use only.
2. Do not use this gel during menstrual period.
3. When taking this gel for infection, it is important for a woman to avoid having sexual intercourse with her partner.
4. Metronidazole gel is not absorbed in the bloodstream the same as the tablets so it is best not to take alcohol as there is a possibility for interaction with the drug.

How to use Zidoval vaginal gel?

Can You Use BV Gel When Pregnant

1. It is used by inserting it into the vagina by using the applicator provided in the box it comes with. Make sure to read the instructions included inside the box of the medication.
2. You must insert one applicator fully during bedtime every night for 5 nights in a row.

Who is not allowed to use Zidoval vaginal gel?

This medicine is not allowed for people under 18 years of age. If you have an allergic reaction to this medication, make sure to inform your medical care provider and immediately stop taking the medication.

Is Zidoval vaginal gel safe for use during a woman’s pregnancy?

Can You Use BV Gel When Pregnant

Zidoval should be used with caution during a woman’s pregnancy since the safety of using metronidazole during pregnancy is not fully established. It is considered by the experts to generally have a low risk, but it is advised to be used during pregnancy only when the medical care provider considers it. If a pregnant woman is prescribed with Zidoval, she must be extra careful when inserting the applicator in the vagina. You can ask the doctor for more advice.

What are the side effects of Zidoval vaginal gel?

Like all medications, Zidoval vaginal gel also has possible side effects and it can affect the individual taking it. A side effect does not mean that everyone that uses this medication will experience it automatically; it means it can affect an individual in different ways:

  • Vaginal Thrush
  • Abnormal vaginal discharge
  • Itching of the vagina
  • Pain in the abdomen
  • Discomfort in the pelvic region
  • Decreased appetite
  • Metallic taste in the mouth
  • Nausea and vomiting
  • Dizziness and lightheadedness
  • Headache

Can you use Zidoval vaginal gel with other medications?

Zidoval gel is advised not to be used with other medications especially when using it in the vagina. When metronidazole is used in the vagina, it can be absorbed in the bloodstream but usually in lower amounts only if it is used in the vagina. The Zidoval vaginal gel is possibly unable to affect or have an interaction with other medications, but precaution is advised.

Before using Zidoval you must consider the following:

  1. Do you have an allergy to metronidazole
  2. What are the symptoms of an allergic reaction?
  • Difficulty of breathing
  • Wheezing
  • Shortness of breath
  • Swelling of the face and other parts of the body
  • Rashes on different parts of the body
  • Itching and hives on the skin
  1. Do not use this medication if it is already expired or when there are signs of tampering of the product and the packaging of the medication is already torn. You can return it to your pharmacist for proper disposal.

Inform your doctor if you have the following medical conditions:

  • Disease of the blood, liver, kidneys, or central nervous system.
  • Cockayne syndrome – It is a rare disorder where the head is abnormally small and there is a failure to gain weight.
  • Vaginal thrush or candidiasis. The symptoms of vaginal thrush can become more noticeable when Zidoval gel is used; there is a possibility that you will need another treatment as per your doctor’s orders.

A box of Zidoval vaginal gel contains a tube of medication and 5 single-use applicators.

Observe proper hygiene by doing the following:

Can You Use BV Gel When Pregnant

  1. Wash hands properly before taking the medication and make sure your hands are clean when you open the tube or before touching the single-use applicator.
  2. Use new applicators for each dose.
  3. Throw the single-use applicator in the bin after you have used it.

When opening the Zidoval vaginal gel tube:

  1. puncture the metal seal on the tube. Use the cap from the tube and pierce the seal with the pointed tip of the cap.

When filling the applicator:

  1. Remove the applicator and unscrew the cap and open the applicator on the tube
  2. Fill the applicator with gel. The plunger will move while the applicator is filling up and will stop once it is filled with the correct dosage.
  3. Unscrew the applicator and cover the tube with the cap.

When inserting and applying the applicator gel you must do the following:

  1. Hold the applicator and insert slowly into the vagina.
  2. It is better to lie down on your back while the knees are bent or if you prefer a different position, just go with that.
  3. Slowly depress the plunger to apply the gel into the vagina. Press the plunger until it stops. Slowly remove the applicator from the vagina and throw it into the trash can.

Important information to remember when using Zidoval Vaginal gel treatment:Can You Use BV Gel When Pregnant

  1. It is best to apply before sleeping so it will prevent the medication from leaking from the vagina. 
  2. You must also wear a panty liner or feminine napkin while taking the treatment so you can keep the medicine from leaking onto your clothing. Using tampons will only absorb the medication and will prevent you from getting the full dose of medication.
  3. You must use the Zidoval vaginal gel for 5 days or as prescribed by your medical care provider.

To prevent recurring of infection, make sure to take the complete medication dosage as prescribed by the doctor even if the symptoms have already subsided after a few days of taking the medication.

  1. If you forget to apply the medication, just use it when you remember again.
  2. If you forgot to take your first dosage, do not apply a double dosage of the treatment. Just have your original missed dose and continue the medical treatment as usual. Never apply more than one dose just to make up for your missed doses.
  3. If you have used too much dosage of the medication – inform your medical care provider as soon as possible even if there are no signs of poisoning or discomfort. 
  4. While using the medication you must remember that it can cause irritation in the eye. If you accidentally get it into your eye, make sure to rinse it with cold water.


Bacterial Vaginosis is the most common infection of the vagina and it is considered as a mild infection which can be treated using antibiotics. When a woman is pregnant, she should be aware of the symptoms of BV and must inform her medical care provider that she has these symptoms because this infection needs to be treated to prevent any possible complications. Zidoval is used in the vagina only and not used in any other way.

When the medical care provider has prescribed an antibiotic to treat your BV while pregnant you must take the complete dose even after the symptoms have subsided. Taking the medication completely will help you prevent the recurrence of the infection; however, there are instances that an infection can recur after a few months or a year, even when the treatment has been completed as prescribed.